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Hallo's Ween TEASER Hallo's Ween TEASER

Rated 5 / 5 stars

OMG so kool epic animation bro i can totally relate to the characters during summer time XD XD

When You Fucked Grandpa When You Fucked Grandpa

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Well, finally getting around to reviewing this. Considering the... questionable content here, I think it's best that you keep the thumbnail as just "Blink-182."

The art and animation isn't bad. The lip syncing was fairly accurate, and there was some fbf in there too, so that's always a plus.

One for the children!

artistunknown responds:

"Yep, great family values. You should only jack off in the privacy of your bedroom or the bathroom, and if you jizz all over the place, then be sure to clean it up" -Wise Frog.

Heh, questionable content. Well, there was certainly a lot of eye-catching stuff I could have used as the thumbnail to get people's attention, though I think the name did that for me.
I wish I had known about smoothing back then, or at least to use a smaller brush, things probably would have looked a lot nicer, heh. I still can't believe that I animated the entirety of this in one 11 hour setting.
Since you and Wise Frog both seem to think this is for kids, I guess I will have to agree :3

Flash Library #5 Flash Library #5

Rated 4 / 5 stars

MistyEntertainment: i'm not reviewing my own submission, i'm only writing this review so i can review everybody else's.

Artistunknown: I really liked the humor in this one, and the fact that you actually decided to make a part with a story and voice acting. This is pretty impressive for five hours of work, considering that you managed to create a funny part with great voice acting and accurate lip syncing in only five hours. I liked the smooth frame-by-frame animation, that's a huge plus.

Nat29: it's cool and stuff

FrogMan the Series Episode 5 FrogMan the Series Episode 5

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I thought this deserved a proper review.

It's certainly interesting to see how much the art and animation progressed from the beginning towards the end of the episode. It's a big improvement.

Something that I think you should work on - and it's most obvious in the very first scene - is your color choices. Sometimes they look bleak and dull, and I really believe that with some nicer colors, you will notice a huge improvement in how the scene looks. A perfect example is the very first scene.

I don't really like the gray wall, though I understand that this can't be fixed, since it'd result in some continuity errors. The chairs are the same shade of brown as the table, and having two similar colors very close to each other doesn't really look good. A trick that I used to do, is that for objects like tables, boxes, etc. where you could see the top, bottom and side, I'd give them all slightly different shades. It actually makes a big difference. Try sites like colorcombo for premade color schemes. I use color schemes from there sometimes, and it really looks good.

I noticed that when you were moving around the arm joints in the animation, some of them didn't really have easing, which made it look choppy and bad, for lack of a better word.

I did notice that you took a few shortcuts, like not actually animating the cops getting out (or getting back in) the car, and that's acceptable, though even just sticking a few extremes together would probably be better than not animating it at all.

More nitpicking: The paper landing on Terrible Toad (I think) wasn't really well animated, since the wind is carrying it, the easing varies, so I'd have it start slow in the beginning and then speed up and have it hit his face. Typically when animating things like these (paper being carried in the wind, leaf being carried in the wind, etc) it's best to redraw it. (Will send you leaf animation I did in a bit)

The best scene in this was the old lady scene, hands down.

artistunknown responds:

Slow down man, the me of the past can't comprehend all these animating terms you're using. Hell, I'm still not sure what easing is, but I'm sure I know how to properly do it :3
Anyways, I have noticed that some of my color choices are a bit bland, and I have tried improving this. I even used different shades of brown for the table and chairs in Cinco de Gayo, so I think I improved that a little bit. I need to stop relying on those primary swatches I guess. I'll definitely try to make everything (even the characters) look more visually appealing in the new content of episode 6, even if it causes continuity errors.
I think the paper being poorly animated should have been expected at this point, since I was still new to flash and using this horrid way of lazily animating. I'm pretty sure I know how to properly animate something being carried by the wind now, though I don't think I've actually done it yet. So yeah, examples would be nice.
While I do like the old lady scene and think it was the best handled (I even had to redo parts of it including where the old lady turns because flash crashing) I still think the part when "Escape" is playing is the best bit of the episode because it's such a dramatic change in quality. But whatevs, that's just me :p. Thanks for the review Icy, I didn't know you had it in ya ;)

Binder Check pt 1 Binder Check pt 1

Rated 2 / 5 stars

but the reason why any series exists is because there are plenty of things that are too short to cover in a single sitting. if you rush through it, it defeats the whole point of a series. take your time and explore their personalities (refer to 1st part.)

i think the green squishable in the beginning thinking to herself - or himself if he just has the voice of a girl - was a bit too blatant. the computer voice kinda ruined it for me. the way she/he said "binder" the exact same way every time was funny, but not in the way you intended it to be.

it was so silly - her voice - that it'd be something i'd expect in a youtube poop.

the fact you actually misspelled the name of your own series doesn't really help either, and the text in the loading screen seems a bit too cluttered. the animation looked kinda lazy, you relied on the animated stretch effect too much, and you actually used wonchop's mouth loop (if i read your description right).

all that being said, i think you've gone a long way, Nat. if i had written a review like this before we knew each other, i'm sure you probably would've said i was a big stupid, or told me not to say mean stuff or something. though i'm glad you don't do that anymore. that in itself was a huge step up. i hope you consider this review as advice, rather than several paragraphs of discouragement, like i probably would've taken a review like this a few years ago.

so... congratulations i guess.

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mrcontesty responds:

The green squishable is a girl. Sorry about the word "binder". Yes, make a YouTube Poop out of the scene. Thanks for reviewing!

SJJ Spartan Remix SJJ Spartan Remix

Rated 2 / 5 stars

sorry, disregard my previous review below. guess I didn't understand something, judging on the description. though I was rating the actual music video itself, and the way you animated it.

still something you may wanna think about.

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How Tupac Was Murdered. How Tupac Was Murdered.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

People should understand that this was made in 2000, and was great by the standards then. Bravo, Mr. Beaton.

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Cancer Gets It Cancer Gets It

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

[pt. 2]

This is a continuation of the first part since I (MistyEntertainment) ran out of room to continue.

This criticism, in particular, isn't related to the animation as it is to how you describe it. I realize that you probably wrote your description with well intentions, but it comes off as narcissistic. You treat your audience as if they don't already understand the point you're trying to get across ("this animation [...] opposes cancer").

You say this animation was dedicated to Edd. The animation style, actually. It doesn't look like Eddsworld. The way you write it makes it sound like you were trying to draw like Eddsworld, and if you weren't, you phrased in a way that anybody would misinterpret.

Just like your author's comments were also probably in good intention, but any critic would try to find fault in it. I learned when I wrote my author's comments for "How to be funny." I conveyed it in a way that made me look like I was getting mad at low reviewers.

I wasn't.

I was merely saying some people could relate to that situation, but everybody took it the wrong way.

"Ooh, bad cancer sign! So, nevermind, that zodiac sign did receive to be hurt."

you don't need to explain every part of your animation. you sound like Ray William Johnson! and that is not a compliment. did RECEIVE to be hurt? yep that's great grammar

You say you worked hard on this. Though since you managed to pull it out six hours after artists reported their devastation about Edd's death, you're contradicting yourself!

but maybe you and i both have different gauges of hard work, so i guess you can disregard that if you want.

so basically, that's it. good luck.

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